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In May 2017, Solve Advisors developed Real-Time Composite Pricing for Syndicated Bank Loans.  Solve's composite pricing was designed to render a single, Real-Time price across Loans in the market, to increase price transparency and efficiency to assist with trade idea generation and execution, and to streamline the process of monitoring levels/marks. The proprietary algorithm that the product was built on considers pricing from both buy-side and sell-side providers, and factors in key elements such as sender strength, message strength (axe vs. run), time decay, etc. 

UPDATE: Solve featured in HFM Global's Alt Credit Intelligence September issue

Noticable trends within the loan market in the wake of Hurricane Harvey were illustrated in HFM Global's Alt Credit Intelligence September issue. Increased volatility as evidenced by widening of bid-offer spreads following the hurricane gave way to overall price weakness in the loan market. Over the period of August 25th to September 8th, the average bid-offer spread for the overall loan market increased 4.3%; utilities and insurance sectors witnessed the largest spikes in bid-offer spreads, widening 60.2% to 157bps from 98bps. That said, typically hurricane sensitive industry loans demonstrated remarkable resilience with prices actually increasing over the same period. This issue also covers CDS trade reporting, CLO market news and additional factors that are impacting the loan industry.

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Bank Loan market data and trends derived from Solve's Composite Pricing was published in HFM Global's Alt Credit Intelligence August issue.  The piece that Solve was featured in discussed how the reversal in investor sentiment eroded loan gains in July. The publication also covered issues such as risk retention, changes to the financial CDS markers, a roundup on CLO and derivatives, as well as other market news.  

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About Solve Advisors Inc.

Founded in 2011, Solve is a New York-based financial technology firm and is a leading provider of market pricing in fixed income markets.  The SolveQuotes platform leverages aggregated market data that can be parsed from Bloomberg messages, corporate emails, and attachments, etc., as well as data contributed by Solve partners. The powerful workflow tools eliminate the hassle of the BWIC process, consolidate dealer inventories, and streamline month-end for the back office. The Solve team has extensive expertise and passion for financial markets and developing innovative technology.

SolveQuotes offers Message Parsing and Market Data across the following asset classes:

  1. Syndicated Bank Loans
    • *Real-Time Composite Pricing Available
  2. Structured Products
  3. Corporates
  4. Munis