Access to SolveQuotes pricing via Reorg Platform:
  • Capital Structure: Real-time market color and intra-day pricing across the Capital Structure
  • Screener Tool: Solve pricing data within Reorg's screening tool to identify largest price movers

Solve Advisors features accessible via Reorg Platform:

  • Coverage on Corporate Bonds, Syndicated Bank Loans, CDS, and Municipal Bonds
  • Solve's Composite pricing is derived utilizing the most recent observable market data and a unique weighting system within an algorithm to account for factors such as provider strength vs. message and quote strength, etc.
  • Market value calculation
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About Solve Advisors Inc.

Powered by the industry’s most sophisticated and flexible technology, Solve advisors allows you to collect more data and color when and how you need it.

The Solve platform utilizes natural language processing and machine learning to extract all bids, offers, and other price talk within clients' emails and overlays it with trade color from contributors, helping provide price transparency and tools that make your day-to-day a lot more efficient.



Coverage on 4MM+ securities across five asset classes (Structured Products, Corporates, CDS, Bank Loans, Municipals).



Our technology doesn’t depend on templates; it can pick up pricing from regular interactions, so data isn’t dropped or duped.



Real-time and historical pricing, streamlined BWICs and Dealer Inventories, relative value and liquidity analysis so you know the true depth of the market.

Flexible Integration and Security


Partner integrations with INTEX, Moody’s Analytics, Trepp and Reorg, plus Excel add-ins and an option for on-premises installations provide the flexibility you need but rarely find.

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